Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

The world in which we live today is one where presentation is everything. The packaging of the content is becoming even more important than the content itself. And this is true in the case of people as well as the stuff that people make. In a person, one of the most attractive features is a nice, toothy smile. And a smile can be an absolute winner only when your pearly whites within are...well...pearly white.

Keeping teeth white and stain-free need not be an uphill task. There are very simple things you can do, without having to visit the dentist to take care of your teeth. Read on.

So, how do teeth get that yellowish, stained look? One of the most frequent answers that dentists give to this question is by smoking, eating things like gutka and drinking lots of caffeinated drinks. According to Dr. N. Khanna of the Smile Clinic in Delhi, “tobacco and caffeine are some of the most common reasons for white looking yellow and stained.”

A quick internet search will show you several methods of getting shiny white teeth at home. Not all of them, though, are safe and risk free (whatever the websites may claim). One of the most common remedies suggested is rubbing teeth with baking soda and vinegar. Dr. Khanna suggests that this one is best given a wide berth to. “Harsh chemicals like soda can end up scratching the smooth surface of the tooth enamel,” he says, “and while it may be effective in the short run, it can actually worsen the condition in the long run, as the ridges caused by the erosion of teeth will attract more plaque.”

The best ways to keep your teeth white is to rinse your mouth after drinking caffeinated beverages, brush your teeth regularly, and regular flossing. And of course, give up smoking, chewing tobacco based products, and excess consumption of caffeine.

There are a few ayurvedic treatments that do not harm teeth. Solutions like mixing orange rind and basil (tulsi) and cleaning teeth with the paste is not harmful to the teeth and can be tried at home. Grandmothers also recommend rubbing strawberries on your teeth.

But it is important to remember that keeping teeth white is not the main aim of teeth care. Teeth that are healthy will automatically look healthy. So, regular (read twice daily at least!) brushing and flossing combined with the biannual visit to the dentist should keep your teeth looking pearly white and give you that dazzling smile that can win you the toughest battles!

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