Home Remedies For Low Blood Pressure

Unlike high blood pressure, low blood pressure occurs without any symptoms. It, however, is widely prevalent all over the world. Most often, people overlook any signs of it or dismiss it to be a bout of fever or weakness. Low blood pressure is a serious condition because it blocks the supply of oxygen and vital nutrients to the brain once it has advanced and must therefore, never be ignored.

Here are some home remedies for low blood pressure:

Beetroot Remedy

Raw beetroot juice is considered to be one of the most effective home remedies for low blood pressure. A person suffering from low blood pressure should drink a cup of beetroot juice twice daily. Improvement is noticeable within a week’s time.

Black Coffee

Drink a cup of strong black coffee i.e. coffee without milk whenever you feel dizzy or weak.


For a patient with low blood pressure, consumption of salty foods is important until the blood pressure comes close to the normal range through proper diet and medications. The patient should also drink a glass of salt water apart from eating salty foods.

Light Exercises

One who is affected by low blood pressure must do light exercises such as walking, swimming, cycling and yoga on a regular basis. The concerned patient must also take sun and air baths, and spend a lot of time outdoors i.e. in fresh air.

Milk and Almond Extravaganza

Soak 7 almonds in a bowl of water and leave it overnight. Take the almonds out the next morning, peel the skin off and then make a paste. Finally, add this paste to a glass of lukewarm milk and drink it.

Holy Basil Blessings

Take 15 holy basil leaves and crush them properly. Now, filter the mixture with the help of a muslin cloth. Consume this filtered mixture along with a tsp of honey on an empty stomach for maximum effect.

Raisin Remedy

Soak 30 raisins in a bowl of water and keep it overnight. Chew them one by one the next morning on an empty stomach. Follow up with a glass of water.

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