Home Remedies And Natural Cures For Skin Burns

Burns in many cases can be very painful. There are three degrees of burns: first degree, second degree and third degree. Before you start using some home remedy for your condition, you should recognize what degree are your burns or if you cannot recognize them, then you should consult with your doctor. Burns can be caused by prolonged exposure to sun, by hot steam or hot object or hot fluids. If you are having minor burns, then they can be easily treated. For more serious levels of burns, you must visit your doctor. These are home remedies for burns:

These are some effective home remedies for burns

Tea bags:
When people are suffering from burns, and then are recommended using tea bags because this tea has tannic acid which can aid in drawing the heat from the burns. Make a remedy from this tea. Put two to three tea bags in cool water. After you have done this step, you should collect the tea in a small bowl. Put the tea bag in the burn site. Also you can make mixture from tea bags (use three to four tea bags), two cups of mint leaves and 4 cups of hot water. Strain this mixture. After you have strained it, you should let the mixture to cool. Put this mixture on the burned skin. You will have relief effects which can help you to cure your skin from burns.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is not just used as home remedy for burns, but also it is used for many other types of diseases and health conditions. You can apply the Aloe Vera gel on the burned skin. Apply this remedy directly on the burned skin. Aloe Vera gel has rejuvenating and soothing properties. These properties can help you to soothe the burns. It is recommended by the medical experts to be used fresh Aloe Vera leaves because the active ingredients are breaking down so quickly which can help to soothe the burned skin. Also this remedy can be used for treating the serious degrees of burns. Also in these cases it will help a lot. It is always good idea to have a fresh Aloe Vera in your kitchen if you are planning to go on vacation. Maybe, you will have burns and this remedy will help you a lot.

Raw potato:
This is natural remedy which is used for the low degrees of burns. Raw potatoes are having soothing and anti-irritating properties which can help to heal the burns. This natural remedy will help you lot because it will relief you from the pain and also will decrease the chances to have blisters. One home remedy from potatoes is next: You should cut a slice of raw potato. After this, you should rub the potato on the burned skin. You should be sure that when you are rubbing the slice of raw potato you are releasing the juice from it. Also you have another remedy which you can try. You should grate raw potato. Apply this potato on the burned skin. Let it stay there at least fifteen minutes. When your burns in the early stage, you should use this remedy as soon as possible because if you not do this step, then you can increase your chances to have serious levels of burns which are difficult for healing. If you use raw potato in your early stage of burns, then you will have the best results.

Cold water:
When you have felt the burns for the first time, you should immediately run into cold water. Cold water will help you to relief from the symptoms and also will not allow spreading the burns. Put the cold water on your burned skin for several minutes. Another good remedy is to place a cold compress on the burned skin. You should repeat this remedy several times per day to have effective results. You will have relief from the discomfort. What is important to remember is that you should not use ice on the burned skin because it can restrict the blood flow. If this is happening, then you can make serious damages on your tissues.

Egg whites:
This is one of the most popular home remedies for treating the burned skin. You should separate the yolk from two eggs. After you have separated the York, you should soak the skin in the egg whites. It is very simple home remedy, but is helping a lot. It is giving you relief from the pain caused by the burns.

Baking soda:
This is one of the simplest home remedies for treating the skin burns. It is giving you quality results and relief from the pain. You should make mixture from the baking soda. Mix the baking soda with water and make paste from it. Apply this paste on the burned area. When this mixture is dried you should rinse the paste and after this repeat this again.

Coconut oil and lemon juice:
When you have minor burns, then you should use coconut oil and lemon juice. These two remedies should be cooled and dried. Coconut oil is rich source of Vitamin E. Also it has fatty acids such as caprylic acid, lauric acid and myristic acid. The mentioned acids are possessing antibacterial, antifungal and oxidant properties. Also the lemon juice is having ability to light the scars in natural way. Make a mixture from these remedies. Mix them together and apply this mixture on the skin. You will feel relief from the pain.

Honey is one of the most used natural cures for many kinds of disease. If your skin is infected, then you should use honey for this problem because honey can disinfect the wounds. This natural remedy possesses some properties such as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which are making the honey perfect natural remedy for burns. It can help you to heal the burns. This natural remedy is one of the basis remedies which are used in Chinese medicine as natural treatment. This medicine nowadays is also used in West medicine. You should use medical honeys for treating your burns. But if you have serious burns, then you should visit your doctor. Do not use any kind of home remedy which will worse your condition because it can make you side effects. You should be sure for the effects of natural remedies.

Calendula tincture:
This tincture is made from pod marigold which is ornamental plant. There are many calendula products in the markets which you can buy it and to start using them as natural treatment for burned skin.

Olive oil:
Olive oil is also used in the medicine for treating the burns. It will give you big relief from the pain caused by the burns. But as we said above, if you are suffering from more serious burns, then you should not use any kind of home remedy on your own because you can make worse condition.

Lavender essential oil:
This oil is not used in the natural medicine, but also is used in hospitals for treating the burns. It will give you relief from the pain and also will help you a lot in the heal treatment. Put lavender oil in clean cloth or in gauze and apply this on the affected area. If you decided to use gauze, then you should change the gauze every few hour. Also you can expose the burns in cold water and after you have done this step, you should spray the area with therapeutic grade lavender oil. This oil has healing properties which can make you heal faster. This natural remedy is rich with painkilling and antibiotic properties which are making it perfect natural treatment for burns.

Rinse the burned skin with salt water every hour. To make this natural remedy you should mix ½ teaspoon salt in 8 ounces of warm water.

Milk is one of the best home remedies for soothing the burns. If you have minor burns, then you should soak the burned area in milk for fifteen minutes. Also you can soak clean cloth in milk and apply on the affected area. You should repeat this remedy every few hour if you want to have best results. You should be sure that your cloth is clean before you soak it into milk.

Plantain leaves:
This is one of the most popular home remedies for treating the burns. This plant is having anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which are making it perfect natural remedy. Make a paste of this plant by crushing some leaves of it. Spread the paste on the burned skin and cover it with cotton cloth. When the cotton is dried, you should reapply a fresh poultice.

Onion juice:
Onion juice has components such as quercetin and sulfur compounds which helps in relieving the pain, decreasing the chances of blistering and also to heal the burns. You should cut fresh onion. After you have cut it, you should apply the juice of the onion on the burned skin. You should know that when you are using this natural remedy, you should use just freshly cut onions because when once onion is cut, then is losing its medical properties. You should repeat this process several times per day.

Banana peels:
You should place banana peel on the burned skin because it will give you relief and also you will be protected from injuries which can be caused by burns.

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