Excess Smoking Reduces Sperm Count And Makes You Sterile

Smoking is found to be one of the major factors for sterility in males. It has been confirmed by a study that sperms of smokers are less fertile and inadequate for embryo survival. Smoking reduces sperm count and damages sperm protein.

Smokers take comparatively longer time in conception as compared to non-smokers. Smoking is equally bad for both males and females.

Read on further to know the negative effects of excess smoking on sperm protein and sperm count.

Smoking damages sperms and reduces their inability to fertilize eggs.

Excess smoking reduces sperm count and also affects sperm motility.

Human sperm cells possess two small highly charged proteins called protamine 1 and protamine 2.

In case of hardcore smokers, the DNA alphabet of these sperm has one or two letters missing and this is irreparable in nature.

Damaged sperm is incapable of fertilizing the egg.

Thus, excess smoking leads to sterility in males and the prospective fathers must quit smoking at least 3 months before conception. It is because sperm needs at least 3 months to transform from germ cell into full sperm.

Damaged sperm lacks the ability to combat free radicals in seminal fluid.

Adam Griffin, MD, of the University of Rochester explained, “Free radicals can cause sperm DNA fragmentation as well as issues with sperm motility and fertilization.”

The negative effects of smoking are not limited to males only.

Women who either smoke or get exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to take longer time in conceiving baby. Also, women exposed to second-hand smoke reach menopause a year earlier than non-smokers.

Smoking reduces sperm count and also causes erectile dysfunction.

Smoking by either of the parents during conception might cause leukemia in the baby.

Brazilian researchers carried out a study on the sperms of 20 smokers and 20 non-smokers.

According to the study conducted at BJU International, the sperms of smokers were extremely damaged. Damaged sperms not only reduce the chances of fertilization but also lead to health complications in the baby.

Smoking damages sperm and causes sperm DNA fragmentation which can lead to genetic disorders in offspring.

If you are a chain smoker, then your sperm might have already been damaged. However, you can improve natural fertility by quitting smoking and results might be evident within a year.

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