Chickpeas Aid Weight Loss And Provide Strong Bones

Chickpeas have many health benefits such as help with weight loss, avoid diabetes, lower risk of genetic diseases, prevent chronic disease, build strong bones, improve digestion, protects the heart and ability to promote growth. Chickpeas are also known as Bengal gram, Egyptian pea and garbanzo bean which is depending of the place where you eat these legumes. They are small beans which have pale – brown color. This is one of the most used and oldest legumes on the planet because it has been cultivated 7.000 years before. There are 90 species of chickpeas which are known.  Many of these species have strong nutrient power.

Health benefits of chickpeas

Protein boost:
Chickpeas are rich with proteins. This is ideal food for vegetarians who do want to consume enough amounts of protein. But these legumes are not just having proteins which mean that you should consume also other foods that are rich with proteins. They have proteins which can help you to have normal growth and development. Also the healing process and repair throughout your body will be normal with these legumes.

Chronic disease:
Beta – carotene, phytonutrients and polyphenols are antioxidant components which are found in the chickpeas. Also they are rich with vitamins. They can help you to prevent the chronic disease and also the oxidative stress in your body will be reduced. When you consume antioxidants in your body, then they can seek out the free radicals that can cause the healthy cells in cancerous cells. Free radicals are byproducts of the cellular metabolism that are dangerous. When you eat chickpeas, then your body will be prevented from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, macular degeneration, coronary heart disease and cancer.

Digestive problems:
We know that for having normal health we should have normal digestive health. Chickpeas are rich with dietary fiber which can bulk up the stool. This means that your bowel movements will be regular. Also they can help you to rid of constipation, cramping, bloating and inflammation. This can help your digestive system because you will have better nutritional value from the food that you consume and also your nutrient digestion will be improved.

Diabetic management:
People who suffer from diabetes should have proper control of their blood sugar levels. They can get this through normal diet that means then need to optimize their diet. Chickpeas are rich with soluble fiber which can help you to have balanced and solid nutrient profile. You should be sure that the blood sugar levels and insulin levels in your body are normal which can help you to manage the diabetes and it can prevent the development of the diabetes.

Weight loss:
People who want to lose their weight should consume chickpeas because they are rich with dietary fiber and nutrients. The fiber will make them feel full for long period and also their bodies will be satiated. This element will interact with ghrelin which is a hunger hormone. The fiber will inhibit the release of ghrelin. It has nutrients and minerals which can help your body to be active and full of energy. It can help you to reduce the caloric intake overall because you will not feel hungry. Even in one cup of chickpeas there are 270 calories you will not gain any weight.

Strong bones:
It has concentrated minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and phosphorous. These minerals are vital for the health of our bones. When we try to improve the bone mineral density, then we need to consume the previous mentioned minerals. Also the osteoporosis which is an age – related disease will be prevented if you consume chickpeas.

Genetic defects:
We know that the folate is a Vitamin B. This Vitamin is important for the women health. When they have decreased amounts of folate in their bodies, then they have a risk having some complications with the birth of their children such as neural tube defects. When they consume these legumes, then will have normal birth. This is a reason why pregnant women should add chickpeas in their diet.

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