Argan Oil – The “Miracle Oil” Heals Wounds & Reduces Inflammation

There is argan tree which is endemic to Morroco, from its kernels we get the argan oil. It has many health benefits such as strengthen the nails, boost heart health, improve hair health, optimize digestion, moisturize the skin, speed wound healing, slow aging, reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, improve hair health, treat cancer, protect the liver and manage diabetes.

 This endemic oil is native to North African nation and till the recent years it was not known from many of us. In Morocco this kind of oil has taken the place of the standard olive oil. It can be added in the cosmetic products. Also they added the argan oil in salads, sauces and couscous. There are not many side effects of the argan oil. But some people have said that this kind of oil can cause them allergic reactions and in one case there was serious disease caused by the argan oil which is known as anaphylaxis. Before you start using this remedy you should talk with your doctor. Here are some health benefits of argan oil:

Health benefits of argan oil

Wound healing:
If you have abrasion or wound on your skin and you want to prevent the infections which can happen from this wound or to speed up the healing process, then you should apply argan oil topically on your skin. When you take this oil internally you can also speed up the healing process but it is better to apply it directly on the skin.

Liver health:
This is one of the most important and most delicate organs in our body. We enter many unhealthy foods in our body which means that our liver can be damaged by them. This means that you should add argan oil in your meals because it can boost the function of your liver.

Nail quality:
We know that when we have unhealthy nails, then this is not just unattractive thing, but also this is a breeding ground for all those fungal and bacteria infections. This oil has antibacterial properties which can improve the appearance of your nails and also this oil can protect you from the infections.

Argan oil speeds up wound healing
Hair health:
All people around the world want to have healthy hair. When they have split ends, then this is very annoying condition. You should add argan oil directly in your hair because it can help you a lot. It has high amounts of Vitamin E which can improve the shine and overall appearance of your hair. Also it can protect the follicle beds and it can rejuvenate your hair.

Most people consume the right food but their bodies do not take the right substances that they need because they have poor function of the gastric system or they have stomach disorders. It has organic components which can boost the gastric juices and increase the pepsin levels in our stomach which means that we will have effective digestion of the food that we consume and also the nutrient intake will be increased.

Cancer prevention:
This kind of oil has triterpenoids and antioxidants which can affect of the free radicals in your body. When the free radicals are in our body, then they are reason for the mutation of the healthy cells. This leads to cancer and other kinds of serious diseases.

Heart health:
We all use some kinds of oils in out cooking. But we know that they are not healthy. One of the best kinds of oils which we can add in our cooking is the argan oil. This kind of oil can regulate the cholesterol levels in your body. Argan oil can decrease the levels of the bad cholesterol and it can increase the levels of the good cholesterol. When there are stable levels in your body, then you can prevent your body from many serious diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis and other serious diseases which can be caused by the bad cholesterol levels in our body.

Sun protection:
We all love to be out in the sung. But we all know that the UV radiation from the sun can have many side effects on our skin, nails and hair. When we use argan oil in our diet, then we can be protected from the negative effects of the sun. Also this oil can speed up the aging process and also it protects from skin cancers. Argan oil can increase our overall health because it can regenerate our cells.

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