8 Outstanding Symptoms Of Kidney Failure You Need To Know To Control Them

Acute kidney failure affects numerous people and is a serious health issue that occurs due to the poor blood filtering that reduces the function of the kidneys, and the waste starts accumulating in the body, causing fatal consequences.

The kidneys work constantly, they have 2 million nephrons which filter 4 liters a blood every 5 minutes, all the time. Therefore, they are crucial for the entire body, and any damage should be repaired as soon as possible, in order to prevent additional consequences.

The most common risk factors include diabetes, age, chronic infection, hepatic and renal base problems, hypertension, immune system disorders, bladder obstructions or hypertrophy.

Top 8 Symptoms of a Kidney Failure

1. Pattern/Urinary Cycle

You can easily see in what health condition are your kidneys from the difficulty, texture, and color of the urination, here are the main symptoms that you can notice, and if you notice any of the following symptoms, make sure you visit your doctor as fast as possible:

  • Usual need to urinate at night
  • Foamy urine
  • Small amounts and uncommon gain of urine
  • Pale or dark urine
  • You need to push extra to urinate
  • Trouble urinating

2. Inflammation/Swelling

This symptom is listed among the first ones, because it is one of the most common ones due to a renal failure, which is a sign that our blood is not well purified, and it tells us that waste and toxins are accumulated. Fluid retention will cause swelling in the feet and in the legs, and it is one of the most common signs that indicates a kidney failure, and that they are not functioning properly.

3. Fatigue

EPO, or also known as erythropoietin is a kidney produced hormone that is controlling the production of red blood cells, therefore when the kidneys are not functioning properly, this hormone is also not produced by the kidneys and we feel a rapid loss of energy and fatigue. If you are feeling tired and dizzy throughout the day, and you notice a visible change in your urine, then you need to visit your doctor right away.

4. Rashes

Through the color and the texture of our skin, and the itching sensation, and rashes that occur on it, we may notice that the body is presenting a toxin accumulation, and this is one of the may symptoms that is very likely to be indicating a kidney failure or you will suffer from an acute renal failure.

5. Metal Taste in the Mouth

If you are feeling a metallic taste in your breath and in your mouth, than you will also taste food very differently, which means that your kidneys are not functioning properly to filter your blood as they should, therefore leaving that metal taste.

6. Shortness of Breath

The malfunction of the kidneys will result in unpurified blood, and when that happens the number of red blood cells inside our organism is very low, and if the number of red blood cells is low, then you are in lack of oxygen which will result in shortness of breath.

7. Dizziness, Nausea and Less Concentration

Diminishing the blood supply to our brain, kidney malfunctioning and less concentration is mostly triggered by anemia. Often people who are facing a kidney failure are very likely to deal with lightheadedness, inability to remember certain things and nausea as well.

8. Low Back Pain

If you didn’t know, your kidneys are located just beneath the upper back of yours, actually when they start ti cause some pain, it will feel like low back pain, a pressure in that area, and that will be an indication that your kidneys are not well.

A kidney failure can be a quite hard illness, it can be manifested with a lot of unpleasant symptoms, or it may be unnoticed and can cause the development of other diseases and health issues. Most commonly when someone is suffering from a kidney failure, there are constantly some urine and blood tests which need to be done. The alternations may be the following: High electrolytes like potassium, increased creatinine and blood urea, reduced urine amount (less than 500 ml).

In order to find the cause of the kidney failure a renal biopsy and an abdominal ultrasound might be necessary. The faster the failure is discovered, the more chances there are to recover from it, because the disease is causing loss of renal function permanently and the patient needs dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive the disease.

Also this disease is more likely to appear in patients who were already on intensive care, or were hospitalized and it mostly appears as a secondary disease, because of the interrupted blood flow through the kidneys due to a serious injury or a serious infection, however it is not a disease that you cannot cure from.

There are also some other factors that may cause the development of this disease such as diabetes, immunological disorders, hepatic base problems, bladder obstruction, prostatic hyperthtophy, renal base problems, hypertension, chronic infection and advanced age as well. You have seen that the function of your kidneys is playing quite a big role when it comes to your overall health, and if you notice any of the symptoms we already mentioned above, then it would be wise to go and visit the doctor immediately, because the faster the disease is discovered, the more chances there are to reverse the disease and relieve from it.

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