7 Ways to Never Have a Heart Attack

The pain of a heart attack is something everyone fears will happen to them someday. Heart problems are synonymous with older people of course, as their hearts tend to be weaker and more sensitive to the strain of high blood pressure. The causes of heart attacks are well known and ways of preventing them are well documented. Let’s highlight seven ways to never have a heart attack.

  1. The most fundamental way of preventing a heart-attack is to exercise regularly. If you are not currently getting some basic training into your daily routine then now is the time to start; whether it’s walking, jogging, running, swimming or skipping. Anything that will raise your heart-beat and get it pumping between its resting and maximum levels.
  2. Getting good quality rest and a healthy heart are synonymous. Experts maintain that we regularly need anywhere between six to eight hours of sleep a night; anything less than this and we are putting a strain on our bodies, which isn’t helping our heart as it comes under added pressure. Conversely, sleeping too much is also risky, because you probably aren’t getting the required exercise; one of the causes of heart attacks.
  3. Stress is a terrifying factor when it comes to heart problems. It elevates levels of hormones to a dangerous cardiac level, but it can also contribute indirectly to other risks as well; you are not focusing on your diet, on getting regular exercise and your blood pressure often rises due to the strain you are feeling. You need to find ways of controlling this stress, be it meditation or yoga.
  4. If you want to know how to prevent a heart-attack, pay your doctor a visit and get a check on a couple of things. If your level of triglycerides is high, your doctor should be able to tell you. Omega-3 fish oil supplements are useful in
  5. Maintain a balanced diet. There are dozens of tasty, healthy fruit and vegetable options out there, which provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to supply a heart with what it requires to function. Complement these with fish, chicken or red meat every day and try to avoid fatty alternatives; these will undo all your good work and lessen your chances of never having a heart attack.bringing this down; it also decreases the plaque build-up in the circulatory system which supplies the heart with blood.
  6. A multi-vitamin supplement decreases a person’s C-Reactive Protein (CRP) by 0.7 ml per litre if they take it every morning for six months.
  7. Supplements containing plant sterols are renowned for their ability to promote low cholesterol levels, which keep your blood vessels wide to help prevent you ever having a heart attack.

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