4 Home Remedies For Ear Wax Removal

Tired of the itch in your ear? Ear wax can often lead to throbbing pain and lead to partial hearing loss in the later stages if not cleaned on time. Many people try and take the help of safety pins, matchsticks, hairpins and other pointed items to relieve themselves of the extra wax being built up inside their ears. This is strictly not to be followed as this is the precise reason why maximum people turn deaf due to internal ear injury.

Here are a few home remedies for easy ear wax removal:

Mustard oil for ear wax removal

Wax formation in the ear can be annoying at times. The best way to clean the extra wax is to pour three to four drops of warm mustard oil in one ear and keep a cloth underneath and lie on that side. It might cause a tingling sensation in the ear but one should tolerate it for ten minutes. Turn to the other side and allow the oil to drain on the cloth. Clean it with a cotton bud and see the wax come out with it as well. Repeat the exercise with the other ear. Another alternative for mustard oil can be warmed paraffin oil.

Wrap a scarf around your head while trvalling

There is no way to prevent the extra wax formation in the ear but it is mostly caused by dust outside. One can wrap a scarf around one’s head while travelling. This is the best alternative to prevent excessive and frequent wax formation.

Moisten ears for easy wax removal

Rinse or moisten your ears as deep as possible (be careful not to cause an injury) with diluted apple cider vinegar.

Hydrogen peroxide for easy wax removal

Put three to four drops of hydrogen peroxide which is available in all drug stores. Flush the area with a syringe and repeat the exercise for three to four days. This is another convenient way of clearing wax congestion in the ears. One must not try to clean wax with fingers as this pushes the wax further inside into the ear canal causing blockage.

Practice caution while  executing any of the tips mentioned above. An ear is after all an ear!

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