How to Increase Height Naturally and Grow Taller Instantly!

Most of the people’s problem is how to Increase height naturally and grow taller instantly! For people who are decently long, there are seldom any worries. However, for people who are not tall enough, life can be a struggle sometimes. People with shorter heights and even average heights tend to suffer a lot today in the judgmental era of the 21st century.

Increase of height for people with short heights can help them improve their confidence and self-esteem. A tall height can help them improve their social standing and position. It can help them improve how they feel about themselves and change the notion about themselves as well. This is important for men in most cases. Men tend to be concerned about their height more than females. Short-heighted men might have confidence issues and would be conscious almost all the time.

Genetics determine the height of a person. However, it is not necessary that genetics are the only factor behind a person’s height. The HCG hormone also plays a key role in this area. HCG also known as Human Growth Hormone, regulates the height of a person. The hormone is released by the pituitary gland of our brain. The hormone is essential for the growth and development of our body, our bones and even our cartilage.

Other factors involved in the process can be linked to your mother’s gestation period and even your childhood. Factors like low birth weight, ill health all through your childhood, smoking during pregnancy, etc. are some of the external factors that can cause problems when it comes to increase in height of a person.

Here are some ways by which you can increase height naturally at home before 18 years of age and also increase height after 21 years of age. These methods are natural and easy!

How to Increase Height Naturally and Grow Taller Instantly!

1. Milk:
Remember how your mother used to scream at your for not finishing the milk every day? Well, here are the consequences. Parents know somehow! well, coming to the point. Milk is extremely rich in important nutrients and minerals for our overall growth, especially growth in terms of height. Moreover, it has a a bone friendly calcium! Calcium helps boos the height of a person in a considerable way. Apart from calcium, milk also has vitamin A and essential proteins. All these together aid in an overall bodily development.

Two glasses of milk, or better three should be consumed everyday in order to see results to increase height before 18. In addition to milk, cottage cheese and yogurt can help you achieve similar results fast!

2. Ashwagandha:
According to ancient Indian Ayurveda, Ashwagandha plays a key role in increasing the natural height of a person. Ashwagandha, also called Indian Ginseng helps in the deed. The minerals and nutrients contained in it help broaden the length and density of your bones and your skeletal system. This helps in increasing your height. Ashwagandha can be found in various organic and herbal stores around you.

Simply mix two tablespoons of ashwagandha in a glass of warm milk and consume it. You can add sugar/honey/jaggery depending on your taste and preference. You must drink it every night before going to bed. This practice should be undertaken for at least 45 days to see visible results. However, while undergoing this procedure, you must abstain from fast food completely.

This method is simple and can be used by people to increase height naturally at home before 18 and also to increase height after 21. It is beneficial for both!

3. Incorporate Yoga in your Daily Life:
All those Yoga class you have been ignoring off late, try and opt for them! Yoga is the best way to increase your height in a natural way. By Yoga, youcan help facilitate the release of growth inducing hormones in a human body.

This will also help in the reduction of stress and anxiety from all of your body parts. This will help pave way to only growth! Various yoga postures and exercises are known to increase your height the natural Vedic way! Some of which are surya namaskar, the Triangle pose, the revolved triangle pose and also the adhomukha shavaasana.

4. Hit the Gym:
If you are unable to find a decent yoga class for yourself and increase your height by yoga, then simply hit the gym. By Exercise also, you can help in the stimulation of the growth hormones in your body. A good exercise routine in the gym can help you increase your height while still keeping you fit and fine.

You could start by jumping and skipping. Skip a rope for half and hour every single day. Other than this, hand your body off a horizontal bar and let your spine stretch. Stretching your body like this for approximately 10-15 seconds at regular intervals is going to do the deed for you. By exercise, you can easily achieve the target of increasing your height ASAP.

5. Stretching is Important:
Speaking of gymming and stretching, if you are unable to find a suitable gym for yourself to incorporate exercising to your daily life, simply do it on your home. Stretching and exercising is great for all ages and genders. It can be done at the comfort of your home as well.

Stretch your body in a cobra pose, bow down pose, or simply twist your legs to stretch. These can be easily done in your home. They will not only work on improving your height, but also will help enhance your posture.

6. Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy):
Giloy is a herb native to ancient lands of India. This is a remarkable way when you are looking to increase your height. Giloy is originally a stem from a shrub. It is primarily used in various Ayurvedic medicines today. Apart from the benefits Giloy can provide you in connection with increasing your height, it is also useful in fixing issues like syphillis, gonorrhoea, fever, cancer, cholesterol, hay fever, hepatitis, etc.

Simply purchase the powdered form of Giloy from an Ayurvedic stope and use a teaspoon of it to swallow it. You can either swallow it directly or you can mix it in warm water and consume.

It will effectively work on your body’s tissues and strengthen them for a holistic growth and development. This will promote an increase of height.

7. Proper Sleep and Proper Rest:
When you sleep soundly, your body tends to fix itself during the night. Yes it sounds like a fairytale but it is true. During your deep slumber, your body tends to release hormones for its growth, development and repair. The brains as well as the body is relaxed and thus the deed! On the contrary, a tired brain cannot function properly. To help increase your height more, try and sleep at least for eight hours every night.

8. A Balanced Diet:
This is a point our science textbooks have been stressing on us since an eternity! Proper nutrition is a must for your body. Lack of proper nutrition is the number one cause of some people not being able to achieve the height of their dreams.

It has been found that lack of proper nutrients is one of the leading causes behind people failing to reach their maximum height. To get proper nutrition, follow a balanced diet. Essential nutrients like zinc, manganese, vitamin C, protein, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus provide the required stimulus for increasing height.

A daily diet should contain fresh leafy greens and colored vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products, all in their proper proportions

9. Sunbathing:
Another reason to hit the beach! Sunlight is the best source of natural Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential part of your overall growth and development. If not enough vitamin D in its natural form is consumed by your body, you are more likely to sustain the problems of weak bones and short height. You should try and spend at least 20-30 minutes in the sunlight daily. Preferably do this in the early morning hours or during the evening hours to minimally expose your body to the harmful UV rays of the sun, while simultaneously gaining Vitamin D.

10. Posture is the Key:
Try and make sure that you are constantly correcting your posture on a daily basis. A great posture helps in the correct development of your body, which directly affects your height. You need to make sure your head, your neck and your back are aligned. They should not bend or slouch. This way your spinal cord will straighten out which will help relax your muscles, thereby enhancing your height. A bad posture could pose a threat to your increasing height.

Nature has the answer to everything! Even your height. Yes! You can increase height before 18, and contrary to the popular belief, you can increase height after 21 as well. It can be done wither with the help of ancient methods, by yoga or by exercise. Yes, it can be done!

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