Home Remedies For Cold And Cough In Infants

Cold and cough in babies is a common affair. Normally, infants are known to suffer from 8 to 10 bouts of cold and cough sessions before they turn two. Although several remedies are available for treatment, with infants, one has to be particularly careful. To begin with, natural remedies for cough and cold should be preferred.

hey are safe and free of side effects. Moreover, treatments for newborns need to be extremely mild so that they do not harm them in anyway. Before administering them, you need to be completely aware of the right procedure required for effective treatment. Even a minor mistake can affect the little one adversely.

Home based remedies for cold and cough in babies

Steam room to provide relief from cold

Taking your little one to the steam room for short intervals, might provide sustained relief. The steam will de-clog chest congestion and will also make breathing easier. You can simply use your own bathroom as a steam room. Just turn on the hot shower and let the steam spread through the room, as you sit with your infant inside. Be careful to keep the baby away from direct hot water to prevent accidental scalding.

Humidifiers for treating cold and cough

Humidifiers can also be of major help when treating cold and cough in infants. There are certain essential oils which might not be safe for applying directly on the babies’ chest or back. You could mix a few drops of these in the humidifier and then expose the baby to a mild vapour steam.

Head raise while sleeping

For easing breathing discomfort, always make it a point to keep the head of the infant slightly elevated than the body while sleeping. This will help in smoother passage of air through the lungs. Elevation of the chest also helps in easing congestion.

Provide sufficient fluids to the baby

Make sure the baby is being provided with sufficient fluids and rest when suffering from cold. Both will help him recover faster.

Massage with warm mustard oil

You could massage some warm mustard oil on his chest for some relief. This will help in draining out the phlegm, providing some relief.

Avoid cow's milk

Avoid giving cow’s milk to the child when he or she is suffering from cold and cough.  Stick to breast milk only as this would be the best for your child especially during illnesses such as these.

Keep your baby in controlled temparture

Keep your child within the protected confines of his or her room, in controlled temperature. Exposing him or her to fluctuating temperatures will aggravate the problem even further.

Make sure you take care of little one well, so that speedy recovery can be ensured. In case the problems do not subside within the given time frame, talk to your child’s paediatrician for further treatment and remedy.

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