Effective Home Remedies To Reduce Bad Cholesterol In Body

Cholesterol is not a bad term and in fact, it is an essential nutrient which helps with the basic functions of body. The term cholesterol has been deprecated since long without understanding what lies behind. There are two types of cholesterols, the good and the bad. While the good one is necessary for your body to function normally, bad cholesterol is something that you should be aware of. The bad cholesterol or LDL is bad for you if it is in excess quantities in your body. Here are some natural remedies for cholesterol and tips to reduce LDL in your bloodstream.

Oats as natural remedies for cholesterol

Oats are traditional food known to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Oats contain soluble fibers which hinder the absorption of LDL in body and hence reduce its levels naturally. Mix oats in your homemade granola bar or have a bowl at breakfast. Eating just one cup of oats a day can help people with high cholesterol levels. So your favourite morning breakfast can also be one of the best home remedies for high cholesterol.

Apple nider vinegar as natural remedies for cholesterol

The magic ingredient which is in news as a solution for a number of ailments, it is also effective at reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. Given that most of us are not a fan of the taste, mixing it with your favourite fruit juice can greatly improve the taste. Find a brand which sells ACV with “the mother”, as it is great for your digestive health as well.

Amla or Indian gooseberry as natural remedies for cholesterol

Amla is one common ingredient in many of the Ayurvedic preparations and not without a reason. Amla is the only food source which retains its high Vitamin C concentrations even after being cooked or burnt, it has plenty of powerful antioxidants which help with cholesterol management. Taking Indian gooseberry powder mixed with a tablespoon of honey with warm water can help reduce bad cholesterol.

Garlic as natural remedies for cholesterol

Another common kitchen ingredient and yet highly effective in cholesterol management. Raw garlic has high concentrations of allicin, a sulfur containing compound which aids in lowering bad cholesterol in body. If you want to use garlic for cholesterol reduction, raw garlic is your best bet.

Grate fresh garlic as a seasoning on your soups, salads or bread or take a pod of garlic with water. The downside to this remedy is garlic breath, which can be reduced by sucking on to a lemon wedge or drinking peppermint tea. So get some garlic when you visit the local store the next time for your natural high cholesterol treatment.

Turmeric as natural remedies for cholesterol

Turmeric is a staple spice in Indian kitchen, which also becomes a part of the first aid kit in case of injuries, due to its antiseptic properties. However turmeric also has another great benefit, it can cut down the plaque or cholesterol deposits on the walls of your arteries. Add turmeric as a spice to your curries or drink the traditional turmeric milk before sleeping to add this amazing ingredient in your diet.

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