Amazing benefits of leech therapy

Leeches are used to cure many diseases and ailments through venesection from ancient times. A process where impure blood was removed from the body to heal the body and leeches were used to draw the blood out.

Till date, leech therapy is deemed to be the best alternative in curing many diseases and ailments. It has said to be better than many pharmacological treatments because of its curing effects on human body; this ancient therapy is still making its mark in medical world. The process of extraction has bettered a bit but the basic method of bloodletting is still the same.

Leech treatment for baldness

Might sound very bizarre but yes, one of the many benefits of leech therapy is its healing effect on baldness. Leech treatment can improve blood circulation. When one is experiencing baldness and hair thinning, improved blood circulation can help turn hair follicles strong and in turn, promote hair growth. If someone is suffering fungal infections and problem of dandruff, leech therapy can help with its antibacterial component in combating fungal infections.

Leech treatment for arthritis

The first question that must have echoed in your head is that how does leech therapy work in arthritis? We must tell you that there are 15 species of leeches that are considered medicinal for arthritis treatment. The arthritic joint is first cleansed and then the leeches are placed on the affected areas. Leeches induce a natural anesthetic and numb the particular area and then suck out the infected blood and the therapeutic compounds from its saliva reduce the pain in the joint along with the inflammation.

Leech treatment for diabetes

There is one substance in leech saliva called Hirudin that can inhibit the blood clotting process. As you may be aware that diabetes patients have thick blood and Hirudin, in a leech’s saliva helps the body to curb the blood thickening, instant minimizing the risk of death.

Leech therapy for ear and ENT issues

The most common problems such as tinnitus, otitis media and sudden hearing loss can be cured with leech therapy. The anesthetic enzyme that a leech secretes numb the area and then the enzyme that circulates the blood and dissolve blood thickening. Then the antibacterial enzymes is secreted by leech to fight fungal infections in ear.

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