5 Everyday Habits that Make you Age Faster

Harnessing youthful appearance is a priority for all. However, most of us fail to realise that our lifestyle habits can hasten the ageing process considerably. It is extremely important to determine the common habits that make us age faster and swing into damage control before it is too late.

Common Unhealthy Habits

To be young, you need to feel young. The biggest deterrent to a rejuvenated and youthful mind is stress. Carrying the stress baggage around can cause serious cognitive decline and impairment. It is very important to determine your stress factors and try and diffuse them through relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga and regular exercise.

Unusual sleeping patterns
Sleep is important for rejuvenation of each cell in the body, even the brain. It is during sleep that nature restores and heals the body by allowing tissue rebuilding, eliminating toxins, replenishing enzymes and more. Even doctors clearly state that even aged individuals need seven to eight hours of sound sleep each day. Therefore, it’s very important for you to stick to a fixed bed time and get as much sleep as possible. In case you are not able to rest as you should despite of trying, the reason could be sleep disorders and you may need to seek prompt medical intervention.


We all know that smoking is injurious to health and can lead to life threatening diseases involving the heart and lungs. Smoking restricts blood flow to different layers of the skin, causing them to wrinkle and age prematurely. What most of us would not know is that it’s bad for our looks too. Smoking releases certain unfavourable enzymes in the body, which in turn reduce the elasticity of the skin. This paves way for ugly wrinkles. Therefore, smoking emerges as one of the most prominent unhealthy habits that can make one age faster.

Looking slim and svelte could be your dream, but resorting to crash diets to achieve the same is a bad idea. Crash dieting will deprive your body of vital nutrients and can prove to be a serious health threat in the long run. Besides, when the ageing skin tries to adjust to drastic weight loss, fine lines and wrinkles come easy. Although, losing weight is essential as you age, keeping the rate of weight loss moderate is advisable.

Skipping fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables offer countless health benefits. They affect aging as well. If you want to have a younger looking skin and want to stay fit and youthful, you must add fruits and vegetables to your diet.

In addition, leading sedentary lives and resorting to unhealthy diet could be some of the other habits that make you age faster. Leading an active, balanced and happy life is the only key to youthful demeanour.

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